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A Guide to MetaTrader 4


MetaTrader continues to grow in popularity and is used by many retail Forex traders. We thought best to create a simple guide on how to use and operate MetaTrader trading software - seeing that MT4 is the number one choice for retail Forex traders!

Below are a number of videos that answer the most commonly asked MetaTrader questions and a link to our MetaTrader 4 basics course. 

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Watch our tutorials and learn to trade using this powerful platform!


  TECHNICAL FOREX   - MetaTrader 4 Basics

Covers: Logging in, Using MetaTrader Charts, Chart Properties, Applying Indicators, Entering Trades, Modifying Stop Losses, More...

Hosted: Our YouTube Channel

Click here


Common MetaTrader Questions


How to Disable the Auto Scroll Feature on MetaTrader 4

How to Show All Forex Pairs on MetaTrader 4

How to Enable/Disable One Click Trading on MetaTrader 4

How to Add Custom Indicators to MetaTrader 4

How to Hedge Positions on MetaTrader 4 - Darwinex offers the ability to hedge on MetaTrader 4

How to Close Part-Positions on MetaTrader 4

How to View Swap Rates on MetaTrader4

How to Customise the Toolbar on MetaTrader4

How to Change your Password on MetaTrader 4 

How to View your Investor Password on MetaTrader 4

How to Open Deleted Charts on MetaTrader 4

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