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Forex Trading Strategies

At Technical Forex, we do our best to upload quality Forex trading content and provide for the various needs of new and experienced Forex traders. One of the features of our Forex website is our Forex Trading Strategies page.

Our Forex Trading Strategies page lists numerous Forex trading strategies that are either based around indicator analysis or price action analysis. The free trading strategies provided by Technical Forex should be used for trading ideas and personally developed to enhance profitability.

Below is a list of our current simple Forex trading strategies. A full list of our basic Forex strategies can be found here.

Basic Fibonacci Trading Strategy

Learn how to trade the Fibonacci retracement, the Fibonacci extension and how to build a basic Fibonacci trading system. Click here to learn how to trade using Fibonacci in your Forex trading.

Trend Continuation Trading Strategy, using the RSI

A basic Forex trading strategy based around RSI divergence. Click here to learn our basic RSI trading strategy. We also have a page dedicated to RSI counter-trend trading.

Forex Value Zones

Learn about Forex value zones and how they can be used to analyse the Forex market. Click here to learn more about Forex Value Zones.

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