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Forex Trading Tools

Here at Technical Forex, we offer a number of free Forex trading tools. These tools include Economic Calendars, Margin & Pip Calculators, Live Forex Rates and more...

Forex (Currency) Acronyms and Abbreviations List

Our Forex Acronyms and Abbreviations List contains over 140 currency acronyms. The major acronyms can sometimes be obvious to some traders (AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD, etc), but your Forex broker may offer less commonly traded currencies too. What is the SEK? How about the NOK? Does your broker offer the THB?

View our Forex currency acronym list - click here

Forex Dictionary

Entering the Forex trading and financial market industry can be very daunting, the terminology is new and sometimes confusing. Our Forex Dictionary will explain the most commonly used Forex vocabulary, including the words margin, derivative, CFD, leverage, lot and many more.

View our Forex Dictionary - click here

Forex Interest Rates & Forex Live Rates

We also have a page dedicated to displaying real-time currency rates for over 1500 currency pairs! Our rates include major global currencies as well as those that are not commonly known or traded.

View our Live Currency Rates - click here

You can also view live interest rates for the top 8 most traded currencies - click here

Forex Margin Calculator

Our Forex Margin Calculator helps you to identity the margin requirements for potential positions opened in the Forex markets. Margin is calculated using the account currency, the Forex pair being traded, the current price of that pair, leverage ratio and units opened.

View our Forex Margin Calculator - click here

Forex Pip Calculator

We also offer a Forex Pip Calculator. This tool helps traders to identify how much monetary value per pip a position has. The tool displays value per pip by units, including micro-lot, mini-lot and standard lot sizes.

View our Forex Pip Calculator - click here

Forex trading tools

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