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How the Trading Floor Really Works

It's time for another book review. This time, one of my favourites!

How the Trading Floor Really Works is authored by Terri Duhon, a financial market expert with over 20 years of experience. She has worked as a derivatives trader for JP Morgan, as a senior adviser for B&B Structured Finance and as a business lecturer at the University of Oxford. Terri is currently a non-executive director at Morgan Stanley.

Terri Duhon's book, How the Trading Floor Really Works, is one of my favourite trading and finance publications of all time. It contains a wealth of experience and is a must for any avid financial trader. Below is my review of How the Trading Floor Really Works...

how the trading floor really works

It is a must for any trader

The book provides no trading strategies and no explanation of how to read price charts and economic news. It is a publication dedicated to helping the reader understand what the financial markets are, how they operate, what role the banks play in financial markets, who the market participants are and many more insights. The book dispels some of the most common myths about banks and financial markets and helps the reader to grasp a much better and professional understanding of the trading floor and everything that supports it.

It is so well-written

The book starts off very basic and becomes much more in-depth as the reader progresses - it really doesn't matter if you are a financial market novice or expert. How the Trading Floor Really Works is split into bite-size sections and is very well organised - it can be used as a reference book just as much as a cover-to-cover read.

Let's face it. Over 300 pages of content all about financial markets could put most people to sleep, even those that are trading floor enthusiasts! The book is written so well though. It is entertaining, easy to read and full of illustrations.

It's cheaper than most other publications

It is slightly cheaper than other trading publications and a lot better. Enough said.

It will answer all your questions

How the Trading Floor Really Works is extremely detailed and is written from experience. If you have a question about trading floors or financial markets in general, this book will likely have the answer.


Great book. You should buy it! You can purchase the book here. If you are based in the US, use this link.

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