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Mastering the Trade - Book Review

Time for another trading book review... Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter.

About the Author

John Carter is a Commodity Trading Adviser for Razor Trading. His career started in his youth when he joined his Father - a stock broker for Morgan Stanley - in purchasing some call options. The trade paid off and John became a trading addict. He didn't follow his Father's path in stock brokering but starting trading his own account. John's career would see him go from unsuccessful trader, to successful trader, to successful independent day trader, to trading author, to trading adviser and eventually trading mentor. Jon specialises in equities and commodities but has also traded other futures, options and Forex.

Mastering the trade

The Book

Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups is one of the most popular trading books available. It's not cheap, but when it arrives, you'll know why - it's big! Bigger than most dictionaries!

Why I liked the book...

Mastering the Trade is written by an experienced retail trader. John is just like you and me and his day-to-day trading experience is just like what we experience. He is honest in what he shares and hasn't written any gibberish. His approach to trading is just what you are likely use to - reading charts and creating simple systems to profit from price swings. The book content is easy to relate to and understand.

I think a better title for the book should be 'Mastering the Trade: A Complete Guide to Successful Chart Trading', as this is what the book is. It covers everything you need to know on profiting from chart analysis and technical trading systems.


It's well-worth the read but will be less beneficial to the experienced trader. If you are relatively new to trading, this could be one of your best trading education purchases.

To purchase Master the Trade by John F. Carter, please click here. If you are based in the US, please click here.

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