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MetaTrader 101 - A Guide to MetaTrader 4

Technical Forex has just uploaded it's MetaTrader 4 Basics Course. The course covers a number of aspects of using MetaTrader 4 to trade Forex and other financial instruments. An outline of the course and access to each of the tutorial videos is available below...

MetaTrader Basics #1

The first tutorial video in our MetaTrader Basics Course covers logging-in to MetaTrader, opening new charts, zooming in and zooming out and changing chart styles (bar, candlestick, line).

MetaTrader Basics #2

The next video in our MetaTrader 4 Course demonstrates how to add, edit and delete indicators on MetaTrader, how to customise charts and how to add, edit and delete drawings (horizontal lines, vertical lines, trend lines, fib levels, text, etc).

MetaTrader Basics #3

We now teach how to open, close and edit/modify Forex positions on MetaTrader. We also cover how to enable one-click trading and setting orders.

MetaTrader Basics #4

It is possible to save chart layouts and your profile on MetaTrader 4. It is also possible to have several chart layouts and profiles saved to MetaTrader. The next video will show you how.

Other MetaTrader videos...

MetaTrader Guides

The videos in our MetaTrader 101 Basics Course are brought to you by MetaTrader Guides. MetaTrader Guides provides free tutorial videos and written content on how to use MetaTrader products for Forex trading. You can learn more at

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