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Top Forex Sites for Fundamental Analysis

Technical Forex is dedicated to providing retail traders with the training and tools necessary to learn the basics of technical analysis. Some of our followers and visitors also apply fundamental analysis to their trading and combine technical and fundamental analysis to create a successful way to profit from the Forex markets. For this reason, we have created this post, which lists our top 5 sites for fundamental analysis and commentary on global news events...

Top 5 sites for Forex fundamental analysis

#1 - Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV is our absolute favourite! There are a few reasons why it is number 1 on our list....

First, it provides a wide-scope of analysis and commentary on various financial markets - Forex, stocks, bonds and commodities are all discussed. Second, news events like central bank press conferences and political statements are often shown live, with commentary. Third, a range of professional traders and investors are often on the show. These guests offer their insight into financial markets and how they plan to position themselves in coming days, weeks and months. Fourth, it is easy listening while studying charts and working at the desk.

Bloomberg TV is free. You can watch it 24/7 here. Ensure that you choose your regional stream.

#2 - Bloomberg

Bloomberg also provides a number of written articles and short video-clips on their main website. Their articles cover all financial markets and can provide some very valuable insights. Signing-up to their mailing list/newsletter will provide you with weekly headlines and articles.

Bloomberg is free. You can access their site here.

#3 - BBC News

Number 3 does not have to be BBC News, we could have easily replaced it with CNBC, the Financial Times website or other useful news media outlets. These sites provide political, business and financial news that can have an impact on the Forex markets. The best thing about BBC and it's equivalents, is that the articles are written for the general public, hence they are easier to understand. If you are fairly new to fundamental analysis, these sites may be a great place to start.

These sites usually provide both written articles and audio/visual clips.

BBC News is free. You can visit the BBC News Business website here. Other useful sites are The Financial Times, the Economist, Sky News, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

#4 - Currency Thoughts

Currency Thoughts is written by Larry Greenberg, an international economist and currency market analyst. His website is great for knowing about upcoming news events and overall fundamental analysis of the Forex markets.

You can visit Currency Thoughts here.

#5 - Zero Hedge

This is another free website which offers articles that can impact the Forex markets. Their articles can also include chart analysis and other trading related content. The website content is written by a large selection of contributors, most of which have a background in financial markets, trading and/or economics.

You can visit Zero Hedge here.

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